Handyman for Houses and Offices in Brussels and around in Belgium : Call us on 02/588.10.50

Welcome to your handyman service and works for the home or office in Brussels and around. We are present in Brussels, Flemish Brabant (Rhode-saint-genese, Snt-Stevens-Woluwe, Hoeilaert, Krainem,  Zaventem, ...), Brabant Wallon (Waterloo, Lasne, Rixensart, La Hulpe, Genval, Wavre) but also a large part of the province of Namur, Liège and Hainaut (Charleroi, Mons, Ath, Nivelles).  

The services are (for example) : painting your home, removing and repairing tiles, laying wall or floor tiles, changing light bulbs, removing, putting on and putting off day-leaves, unclogging toilets, replacing or replacing repair a toilet or toilet flush, disassemble or assemble a piece of furniture, wardrobe, wardrobe and buffet, remove bulky and waste, redo the joint of a bath or shower, repair a faucet, patch and repair a leaking, placing, dismantling or repairing a doorbell, placing a frame, mirror or painting, repairing, disassembling or replacing a lock, repairing a leaking shower or bathtub, sealing a breach or gaps, urgent repairs or repairs to be planned , caring for slippery floors, removing snow that blocks a door or entrance, , mounting and fitting ikea furniture, delivery and assembly ikea furniture, assembly of kitchen, assemble a kitchen, assemble brico furniture, brico furniture assembly, brico shower fixture, put and install fixtures, ask and put chandeliers, put a table, laying or repairing parquet , urgent repairs, urgent repairs, locksmith, dismantle a lock, replace a lock, paint a room, a room, paint a facade, install or connect a dishwasher, install, connect and connect a washing machine, read meters, cutting a tree, de-brushing, removing weeds, planting sod, installing curtain rods, installing a bath screen, pruning a tree, mounting, constructing and installing a garden shed, repairing clogged siphon or flushing sinks, fix rails, fix a television or flat screen on the wall, adjust a door, repair a door that has inflated or rickety door, cleaning deck or yard with or without karcher, cleaning cornices, net window cleaning, repairing a fence, putting a door, house cleaning or apartment before inventory. Paint a terrace, paint the walls (paint an exterior wall, paint the walls in your apartment or office or even lay a floor). Lay carpet, solid carpet, ballatum or vinyl (flooring). Oil, vitrify or sand parquet. Also ask or remove wallpaper. Lay, put some tiles.